Monday, February 4, 2013

Kaitlyn: The Hybrid Diva

Kaitlyn is the hybrid diva. What does that even mean? Given the current state of the diva division and Kaitlyn's likely role right now, does a nickname even mean anything? There's probably a few things I can talk about off this. I never really talked about "anti-diva" gimmicks. I'll save that for another day. Since this is a dark age and Kaitlyn does not look like the centerpiece, let me go back to the first dark age.

The woman on the left is Debra. The woman on the right is Ivory. Those were the first two divas to hold the Women's Championship after Sable left. Debra was an eye-candy periphery diva and Ivory was a credible jobber.

Why would I bring those two women up in a discussion about Kaitlyn? I would say she might be viewed as a hybrid of those two. No, I'm not simply talking about a mix of their hair colors. I'm talking about her wrestling ability. She is showing herself to be more of a wrestler than Debra, but she is not at the level of Ivory.

What does it say about this current dark age that they let Kaitlyn win the title off Eve when Eve, their centerpiece, was leaving? The first dark age featured some questionable choices holding the title, including a mix of eye-candy divas and credible jobbers, as well as other periphery divas and a guy. This current dark age, they aren't doing anything too crazy, yet. I wouldn't say Kaitlyn was the best choice to give it to, as far as wrestling ability goes. Storyline-wise, she made sense. She was feuding with Eve. But this is still a step back for the diva division. An eye-candy credible jobber without great wrestling ability is interim centerpiece.

It might still be too early to call it, but I don't see the WWE doing anything with Kaitlyn to make me believe they want her to be the true focal point of their women's division. Development isn't there. Tamina is getting a push, which should please some fans who still have hope. I don't see anyone fitting the profile of what the WWE likes to develop as centerpiece getting built for the position. That makes this dark age even more like the first. I don't think they will go more in the direction of Debra as far as who they give the title to. Giving the title to a female wrestler might help make things look more respectable. However, they should also try to do something to actually entertain. The general audience won't always force themselves to cheer for something that is more respectable than entertaining. You want a hybrid? That mix of respectable and entertaining is what you want to go for. Where does that leave Kaitlyn? I don't consider her the hybrid diva that will help this diva division.

Trish Stratus will be inducted in the Hall of Fame. Does she deserve it? Yes. But now? That's what I have an issue with. The diva division is the worst it has ever been. It is neither respectable nor entertaining. You have less effective divas now than you did in the first dark age. And this is what Trish paved the way for? Speaking for myself, if I was ever being honored for something I helped to pave the way for, create, or had some significant impact on, I would not feel right about being honored at a time when that something is a mess. What kind of message would that send? I'm not saying you have to blame Trish Stratus for the mess. This is the WWE's fault for making poor decisions. But this is essentially the same division you had with Trish. Eye-candy centerpiece, women with wrestling credibility used as credible jobbers, and the only female wrestlers getting successful careers getting it in the periphery. The problem has been the women the WWE trying to develop to be the next Trish not getting it done, or the WWE not getting it done with them. So are you honoring Trish for paving the way to this current diva division or for the career she had? You can honor Trish for her career at any time. I just think it would mean more if you honored her at a time when you can legitimately say Trish paved the way for a great women's division. That's not now.

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